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St. Louis, Missouri July 30, 2014

A safer alternative to tobacco, electronic cigarettes are surging in popularity all over the bi-state area. With more than 40 retailers in the St. Louis area, it has become a source of viable employment.

Fourth Call to Action for FDA Proposed Regulations
Streamlined Version

CASAA has been producing and posting FDA Alerts and Calls to Action since before the proposed regulations were released. For a full background on this issue, please go here:

However, we realize there are recent adopters of these products who may not have had time to familiarize themselves with the politics and what is at stake.

by Gregory Conley
First appeared in TheGazette.com on Friday July 25, 2014
Nearly 40 years ago, Professor Michael Russell wrote in the British Medical Journal, “People smoke for nicotine but they die from the tar.”