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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - St. Louis, Missouri.  Bistate Regional Advocates for Vaping Education (BRAVE) applauds the Missouri General Assembly for successfully overriding Governor Nixon’s veto of Senate Bill 841. This important legislation bars children from purchasing e-cigarettes and correctly draws a distinction between vapor products and deadly combustible tobacco. 

“This new law sends the message that Missouri is not for sale to heavily funded, special interest, health groups,” said BRAVE Vice President A.J. Moll.  “We applaud and thank Senator Wasson and Representative Caleb Rowden, the sponsors of this legislation, for putting Missouri Children ahead of tax revenue.”
Scientific research has consistently shown that e-cigarettes are significantly safer than combustible tobacco cigarettes. And as such, the legislature has correctly affirmed that e-cigarettes will not be subject to taxation or regulation as a tobacco product.  

The important actions of the legislature will allow Missouri to join the majority of states to keep these products out of the hands of minors.  It also ensures that these products remain available and free of excess taxation for Missouri adults, that recognize vapor products as a safer alternative to combustible tobacco.   BRAVE congratulates the bipartisan supermajorities of both chambers of the legislature that overrode Governor Nixon’s veto.

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A.J. Moll, Vice President of Media Relations
Bistate Regional Advocates for Vaping Education

ABOUT BRAVE:  Bistate Regional Advocates for Vaping Education, or BRAVE, is a Missouri statewide grassroots not-for-profit organization, whose mission is to promote; science, health and legal aspects of vapor and nicotine alternatives through advocacy and education. BRAVE partners with state legislators in Missouri and southern Illinois, and local councils on both sides of the river.  BRAVE is available for comment to media outlets and state or local lawmakers.


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