Scented vaping products

In New York, the sale of these electronic devices has already been banned, which in addition to being the source of new health problems, would be creating a new generation of smokers, that is; People who did not think about smoking before are doing it to feel the sensation of this new mechanism that for a few years has been fighting to replace the conventional cigarette.

Experts assure that the electronic cigarette stopped being ‘cool’ to become a poison. Well, what started as an alternative to quitting smoking today is pointed out as the main responsible for causing unknown respiratory diseases.

In 2019, the United States reported more than 350 people hospitalized with respiratory problems and at least six people died, most of them had in common that they were users of electronic cigarettes.

For this reason, in New York City, an order was issued to ban the consumption of scented vaping products, and authorities were ordered to increase efforts to prevent minors from purchasing these products, since in addition, in The minimum age for smoking in the city is 21 years.

According to experts, the aerosol used by electronic cigarettes contains at least four groups of toxic and carcinogenic compounds, in addition to dangerous chemicals, organic components, and some heavy metals, which affect the body and increase the feeling and need to smoke.

Nitrosamines and even more lead and nickel than conventional cigarettes have been obtained in vaping liquids, in addition, experts assure that the aerosol of the vaping causes damage to the lungs, such as pneumonia and lesions similar to emphysema, which is one of the conditions responsible for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

The electronic cigarette reached the world market about 10 years ago, since then, different flavors have been included, so the researchers assure that the mixture of these chemicals with THC could be the cause of new diseases.

Even, recent studies revealed that what people who use electronic cigarettes consume is not water vapor, but a liquid that contains glycolic and alcohols, substances that when coming into contact with the body produces serious health consequences.

A study recently published in the New England Journal Of Medicine points to lipoid pneumonia as one of these new conditions caused by vaping, since small blisters made up of fat were obtained in the lungs of the affected people, which is a consequence of exposing the body to these toxic components.

Another report published by the Femeba foundation, from Argentina, points out that electronic cigarettes can help adult smokers avoid serious consequences for their health caused by smoking, but it can make younger non-smokers start this habit.

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